It’s the season that looks and feels like nothing is going well. Be it personal or professional and usually both. It’s a season where you start to question & second guess EVERYTHING. Things about who you are? What’s your purpose? All the big why’s. it is a very challenging season indeed. One that is building your character, your faith walk, and relationship with GOD. In this season I would challenge you to step back. Take a deeper look into your own life. Evaluate everything. This is the perfect time to get a journal and start writing things down.

When you’re in this season please beware that some life-changing things will happen. People you believed you were close to will no longer be around, or the friendships will take a different shift. DO NOT get alarmed instead stay in prayer and thank GOD. Remember he was in those rooms where those folks are having conversations about YOU! Count it all protection and elevation.

When writing in your journals be sure to put action behind what’s being revealed to you. Trust GOD and his process of growth. Let’s be clear, at this time things will most definitely get uncomfortable. Never forget GOD is still working in the background. (you just can’t see it) Just trust him at this time. This is what FAITH WALK looks like. (2 Corinthians 5:7) NKJV

Faith walk means: We walk in faith, not sit in it, not lay in it, we move in it!! While trusting GOD in the process. In this season of sit down,” you will be pushed completely out of your comfort zone. (which is good) Nothing can grow there.

“The Season of Sit Down is also, your healing time. Time to heal your spirit, soul, and heart. Mental and Physical health. Time to take care of  YOU & nurture your relationship with GOD. You cannot give to anyone what you do not yet possess yourself. - H

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